why turning manure into fertilizer

chicken manure/cattle manure is one of the best organic materials as organic fertilizer granulator.chicken/cattle manure includes 1.63% N,1.54% P,0.085% K,before using chicken/cattle manure as organic fertilizer,they have to be fermented or composted to kill some parasite,or some harmful bacteria.chicken manure includes micro elements,beneficial bioactive tacteria,and enzyme.after fermenting or composting,NPK can be increased by about 20%,these micro elements can fix the N in the air,loose soil and disintegrate the PK mineral elements of chemical fertilizers.

manure fertilizer

The specific role of chicken manure in soil and crops:

1, comprehensive nutrient and lasting fertilizer effect can provide a variety of nutrients needed for different crop growth. Rational use of chicken manure organic fertilizer can adjust crop physiology, balance and stimulating reproductive growth and vegetative growth, the crop root system developed, flowers, fruit retention, improve fruit rate, early harvest, improve soil sustainable high yield ability, an increase of 10% – 15%.

2, contains a lot of organic matter: using chicken manure fertilizer can activate nutrient, loosen the soil, enhances soil permeability, is conducive to the growth of crop root, improve the vitality and immunity of crops.

3, containing a large number of beneficial microorganisms: the beneficial microorganism in soil blooms, can increase the content of soil organic nitrogen and promote the phosphorus, activity of potassium in soil and effective play nitrogen fixation, phosphate solubilizing, solution of potassium, improve the utilization rate of the fertilizer. Beneficial microbial blooms can inhibit bacterial growth and propagation of harmful soil, improve the disease resistance of crops, can effectively resist plant diseases and insect pests, strong resistance, enhance crop resistance, antifreeze, anti-aging ability.


4, improve the soil structure: with the nature of the soil, enhances soil fertility, clean up the toxins, reduce pesticide, fertilizer and other harmful substances to the soil pollution, decreasing so completely without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and ultimately no tillage operations.

5. Comprehensive effect: application of this fertilizer can not only increase the yield, but also has good fruit coloring, good fruit balance, storage, and the comprehensive benefit of improving the taste and quality..

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