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Before we talk about the straw pellet mill, we would like first to talk about the straw pellets.Why many people produce straw pellets? What advantages do straw pellets have?

rice-straw (1)wheat-straw
Firstly,making straw pellets is easy and low cost performance,because straw are very commonly raw materials resource,like wheat straw,rice straw,hay straw and so on, when we harvest the grains,how do we deal the the straw? Burning? Feeding animals?or just leave it? All these treatment is not a good we have one best way of dealing,to press straw into pellets,straw pellets can not only be used for fuel like heating,cooking,but also can be used as feed pellet and animal horse bedding.straw horse pellet bedding is much softer than other kind of bedding and eco-friendly with features of faster cleaning and recycling.

straw pellet millstraw pellet machine

Besides,now many countries are seeking and encouraging her people to use green energy,using straw pellets for heating and cooking,not only save your cost but also protect environment.

The how to make straw pellets with a straw pellet mill?

Small straw pellet mill is best for home use or to do trail experiment. it can press 2-8mm diameter biomass fuel pellet, animal feed and fertilizer pellets , raw biomass materials can be waste from grass, rice husk, agricultural stalk, straw, peanut shell, sun flower, paper etc., animal feed materials can be grain, soybean, maize etc., fertilizer materials can be animal manure and so on.

Before press straw pellets, you have to crush them with a hammer mill shredder machine into straw meal like 3-6mm,control the moisture at about 10%,which of the two points are most important.

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