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    small pellet mill

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    brief details of small pellet mill

    • Pellet Size:2-8mm
    • Power:2.2-7.5kw
    • Capacity:30-150kg/h
    • Model:KPL-125
    • Voltage:220-415V
    • Origin Place:China Supplier
    • Size(mm):700X450X800
    • Weight:90kg
    • Driven Power:electric or diesel
    • Moisture:10%
    • Guarantee:2 years
    • Pellet Length:be adjustable
      Application:rabbit,chicken,pig,cow feed
      Package:in free fumigation wood box
      Materials:grains meal,grass,alfalfa,straw meal,etc

    description of small pellet mill

    Small feed pellet mill

    This home use small scale pellet mill is mainly used in small poultry farm,small workshop,home use,or lab experiments for making your own pellets or for medium commercial scale pellet production because the small pelletfeed pellets mill has the production scale only 30-150 kilograms per hour.the finished pellets manufactured by this home use pellet mill can be used for heating,cooking,horse bedding, animal feed like chicken feed,cow feed,rabbit feed,pig feed,sinking type fish feed pellets and so on,the raw materials for such a small pellet machine can be corn meal,rice husk,wheat straw,leaves,corn cob meal,alfalfa,grass meal etc.besides one important point is that the home use small pellet mill for sale is very low price and very suitable for making your own pellets.The motor for this home use small pellet mill could be single phase, or 3 phases.or you can also use a diesel engine motor.
    this kind of home use pellet mill can be used together with hammer mill crusher,feed blender,conveyor and automatic packing machine.finding big scale feed pellet mill?

    home use pellet millsmall pellet machine

    What advantages of home use pellet mill?

    1.the raw materials for this small pellet mill is widely common
    2.It has simple structure,easy operation,convenient maintenance
    3.The home use pellet mill has small size and is movable for use
    4.The temperature is about 75℃ in process,the nutritional value increases
    and is easy to absorbed for animals
    5.no special training or operators,yourself can operate this machine
    6.it can be driven by electric motor or diesel engine motor

    making-feed-pellets1 small cattle feed pellet mill


    ModelPower(kw)Capacity(kg/h)Speed(r/min)Out Dimension(mm)Weight(kg)
    Raw materialsGrains meal,straw meal,grass,alfalfa,leaves,etc
    Moisture required10–12%

    Small wood pellet mill

    small wood pellet millas the development and improvement of the technology,flat die small pellet press can also press wood sawdust into small pellets for fuel which is most suitable for small scale sawdust pellet production and light industrial use,besides, the price for sale is lower than ring die small pellet press.Such a small wood pellet mill is commonly used for personal or small wood plant to press wood waste,making own pellets for heating in winter.looking for big wood pellet mill?


    ModelPower(kw)Capacity(kg/h)Out Dimension (mm)Weight(kg)
    Raw materialsWood sawdust,biomass waste,braches powder.grains,leaves,etc
    Moisture required10–12%

    wood-pellet pellet stove

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