sinking pellets or floating pellets which is better

now more and more people start to make their own pellets for their animals or their fishes.some are big fish farm,some are medium-small fish farm,but some people are not so clear about  sinking pellets or floating pellets which is better,or not clear which one they should choose.before choosing the fish food pellets,you should know about what type of fish you have.
for koi fish or catfish,the fish has their mouths pointing downwards. This natural anatomy means
that sinking pellets are best fed to them because it is easier for your fish to take a gulp of the foods.However, this doesn’t mean that floating foods cannot be offered to your fish because this will bring them up to the surface of the pond for your closer look. Koi enthusiasts mostly prefer to give their fish floating pellets becausethis is the time that they usually get the chance to view and get friendly with their fish. As for myself,I will use a combination of floating and sinking pellets as fish feeds for koi.

feed-pellets  pelleted feed for animal
as for goldfish, it is a totally different case.There are some disagreements among experts as  to whether floating or sinking pellets should be best fed to their fish.but basically based on my own  experience, it is better if you use a sinking type instead because goldfish being a greedy pet will usually  dash and swim towards their food and during the commotion while grabbing the pellets,they will end up  sucking air into their stomach as they gulp their meal. Usually what you can observe is that air  pockets will get trapped in their poo discharge and prolonged condition are sometimes blamed as the cause of  flipping disease seen happening on goldfish.

floating fish feed pellet B[()GAUY3~WL4~E$_B{_3YR

through our brief introduction,hope you will be clearer about sinking pellets or floating pellets which is better for your fish,and what type of pellets you should choose.

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