corn planting machine

    self-walking corn planter

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    • In Stock:100 sets of corn planter
    • Sea Port:Tianjin,Qingdao,Shanghai
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    brief details of self-walking corn planter

    • Power:7.5HP
    • Capacity:0.6-0.7acres
    • Model:VB-75
    • Voltage:gasoline egnine
    • Origin Place:China Supplier
    • Size(mm):1130X500X1000
    • Weight:95kg
    • Driven Power:gasonline engine
    • Guarantee:2 years
      Application:planting corn,soybean,peanut
      Package:in free fumigation wood box

    description of self-walking corn planter

    Self-propelled corn planter with gasoline engine is a kind of small corn planter,which can plant 1 row,2 row,3 row maize seed,soybean seed,peanut,and so on.this seed planter is hand holding with gasoline power self-walking type.except planting seeds,the self-walking corn planter can be used as fertilizing,weeding,cultivating,which is suitable for field planting,ditching,vegetable shed,nursery,fruit garden and vegetable garden.self-propelled maize planter is not only with features of small size,light weight,easy operation,but also the price of corn planter for sale is low cost such a featured corn planter supplier,we have 1 row,2 row,3 row planting for your you want a tractor type corn seeder machine?

    self walking corn planting machine corn planting machine

    What features this corn planter has?

    1.the height and length of the handle can be adjusted according to your own use,anyone can use the corn planting machine
    2.advanced aircraft plowed design,there are adjusting holes in the inclined support plate which can adjust the ditching depth for adjusting different grain seed planting depth.
    3.fertilizer hoper can hold 5–50kilograms fertilizer according to your demand,fertilizing can be single line or double line,changing planting hopper can drill kinds of grains seeds.
    4.the self-propelled maize seed planter machine can drill corn,wheat,peanut,soybean,cotton seed, etc
    5.the spacing between row and seed can be adjustable according to the crops growing requirement.

    maize planter machine planting machine ditching

    working video

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