rotary screen machine

    rotary screener machine

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    • In Stock:20 sets of rotary screener
    • Sea Port:Tianjin,Qingdao,Shanghai
    • Payment:wire transfer,western union
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    brief details of rotary screener machine

    • Power:3--15 kw
    • Capacity:1--10 t/h
    • Voltage:380--450 V
    • Origin Place:China Supplier
    • Weight:0.6 ton
    • Driven Power:electric motor
    • Guarantee:1 year
      Application:screening unqualified fertilizer granules
      Materials:compound/organic fertilizer granules

    description of rotary screener machine

    Rotary screener machine is drum type screening machine which is used in many industries such as fertilizer production, mining, quarrying, foundries, food processing and chemical industry for the separating of bulk materials like compound fertilizers, organic fertilizers, stone aggregates, different kind of sands, active carbon and other materials. the rotary drum screening machine adopts combined screen which is easy to maintain and change. the rotary screener machine has simple structure, small size, easy to operate etc. this drum screener machine screen adopts high magnanese steel,and we can also deal with the sieving machine body to protect from corrosion.

    rotary screening machine rotary screen machine

    rotary screener machine features

    1. it has high screening efficiency: With plate-type sieve cleaning mechanism, the materials will not block the screener no matter how sticky and wet they are.
    2. the rotary fertilizer screener machine has good working environment: It prevents the dust from polluting the environment.
    3. the fertilizer screening machine has low noise: In the operation, the equipment is isolated by sealed dust cover.
    fertilizer screener
    4. Long service life: The machine is durable and has a longer service life than the same machines
    5. the drum screening machine is easy to maintain, large processing capacities, smooth running, wide application range

    fertilizer screening machine fertilizer screener

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