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if you have rabbit,and you dont know what type of pellet to feed it,and dont know how old is your lovely bunny,but one thing is baby bunnies should be eating pellet food different than the pellet food adult bunnies eat.A good quality rabbit feed pellet should have at least 22% crude fiber, no more than approximately 14% protein, about 1% fat and about 1% calcium. Unlimited pellets under 7 months old. Once he is 7 months pellets should be measured out daily depending on his weight (and switched to timothy based if he’s been eating alfalfa based pellets). adult rabbits: General Serving size – 1/4 to 1/2 cup pellets per 6 lb bunny, Also, unlimited timothy hay regardless of age- kits should be given alfalfa too as it has more calcium and other nutrients, but once an adult he should only be given alfalfa as a snack.

rabbit feed pellet mill rabbit feed pellet mill
actually make pellets for kits if youre interested. Ive done a ton of research cause i recently got a baby bunny and they should eat alfalfa pellets until they are 7 months old then transition to timothy pellets. Adult buns that eat alfalfa tend to be overweight. Never feed mix pellets that have corn or seeds or snacks in thm. Buns will pick out the treats and its like junk food. Also give unlimited hay regardless of age. Ive read to give the young ones alfalfa until theyre grown then use it only as a snack and offer unlimited grass hays.but some members here think thats too much alfalfa so theres conflicting opinions. I give mine regular alfalfa based pellets which meet the % guidelines & both alfalfa and timothy hay. He prefers the timothy. So far hes growing well and is lean.

good feed pellets need a good pellet mill to make them,Victor brand rabbit feed pellet mill give you promise,give you good machine,and making good pellet for your lovely pet like rabbit,little pig.

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