rotary drum dryer machine drying compound organic fertilizer and manure

Main Power:18.5 KW three phases

final product size:3-8 mm
power type:electricity
Capacity:3000-5000 kg/h
used for: drying compound fertilizer,organic fertilizer,NPK,DAP,Urea,animal manure,

Product Details of rotary drum dryer

The rotary drum dryer machine is the key equipment in compound fertilizer production and organic fertilizer production. With the development of renewable resources, waste recycling is becoming more and more common. Organic fertilizers mainly use animal and plant wastes, which can provide a large amount of nutrients plant growth needed when combined with soil. Generally, it processed through fermentation, but in the process of processing, how to dehydrate and dry the semi-finished bio-organic fertilizer becomes an urgent problem. e dryer drum is also suitable for drying other materials. After drying, the moisture content of compound fertilizer will be reduced to two percentage from twenty percentage and thirty percentage, while the moisture content reducing range for organic fertilizer is from forty percentage. rotary drum drying machine shall be used combining with rotary drum cooler machine, as fertilizer granules after drying has high temperature, which is not good for storage.It has advantages of low noise, fast delivery, reasonable design, high efficiency, low energy consumption and easy to operate. This rotary drum dryer machine can be widely used in different fields, such as bio-mass pellet industry, feed pellet industry, building materials drying, animal manure drying and so on.

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working principle of rotary drying machine

Firstly, the electronic motor drive the belt and pulley, then it is transmitted to the driving shaft by the speed reducer. Secondly, by installing the gear on the drive shaft. The open gear is fitted with large toothed ring that is fixed on the body, achieving the working in the same direction. Thirdly, the materials are added from the feed end and is inside the tube. The function of the special structure inside the tube is granulation, finally out of the outlet. The bio-organic fertilizer dryer machine can directly dry materials up to 70%-80% of water content to 13% of safe storage moisture. At the same time, the whole process carried out in a closed system, thereby reducing environmental pollution during the drying process.

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The rotary drum dryer mainly composed of a heat source, a feeding machine, a feeding machine, a rotary drum, a discharging machine, an organic fertilizer crushing device, an induced draft fan, a discharger, a power distribution cabinet, and so on. The dehydrated wet organic matter added the animal and plant residue to dry.After the rotary drying machine turned over, then, the material uniformly dispersed in the dryer and fully contacted with the hot air in the drum. At this time, accelerate drying heat transfer. In the drying process, the material discharged under the action of the inclined plate and the hot temper, at the same time, and the star discharge valve discharged to the other part of the dryer.

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features of drum drying machine

1. High operation flexibility. Rotary drum dryer operation is very flexible. Changing one of the many factors that affect drum drying, such as drum speed, material properties, will not influence the drying operation.
2. Reasonable design. The rotary drum drying machine has reasonable design, the angle of the body and the distribution of lifting plate which helps to improve the heating efficiency.
3. High thermal efficiency. The hot air passes through the rotary body with some resistance and mix with materials completely and dry evenly.
4. Convenient maintenance and use, low repair cost, continuous and reliable operation, large capacity.
5. Wide application range. This rotary drum drying machine is multi-functional and can be used for drying different materials.
6. Fully automatic control, strong overloading capacity resistance.

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