rotary drum cooler machine cooling compound and organic fertilizer

Main Power:7.5 KW three phases

final product size:3-8 mm
power type:electricity
Capacity:1000-2000 kg/h
used for: cooling compound fertilizer,organic fertilizer,NPK,DAP,Urea

Product Details of rotary drum cooler

Fertilizer after drying have high temperature,if you want to pack them you need to cool them first. Rotary drum cooler machine is used to cool fertilizer temperature and particle size in compound fertilizer production line and organic fertilizer production line. The rotary cooler machine is used together with the rotary drum dryer, which can greatly increase the cooling rate, reducing labor intensity, increasing capacity, and further remove the moisture and reduce the temperature of fertilizer. Besides, rotary drum cooling machine can also be used for cooling other powdery or granular material. Generally, the feed temperature is 60℃-80℃, and the discharge temperature is less than 40℃.

drum cooler machine

Rotary drum cooling machine are similar to rotary dryers. They are designed using a rotating cylinder called a drum. The material to be cooled is fed into one end of the drum and discharged at the other. To move the material through the drum, the cylinder is tilted down slightly at the discharge end. As the material is fed into the drum, internals in the drum lift and/or mix the material to improve the heat transfer between the material and either the air in the drum of the shell of the drum.

There are two basic types of rotating drum coolers, convective coolers. In the case of convective coolers, a stream of air moves through the material in the drum. Indirect drum coolers use water to cool the shell of the drum instead of streaming air through the drum.

rotary drum cooler machine

features of rotary cooler machine

1. This rotary cooling machine uses high quality anti-corrosion and wear-resistant materials which greatly improve the service life of the machine.
2. Drive parts, the important parts of the machine, are made of high quality steel and have passed the strict quality requirements. The drive speed reduction unit adopts Nylon Pin Coupling to transfer drive.
3. Reasonable design of lifting board helps to maximize heat transfer between the high-temperature material and the cooling air. It can improve the cooling efficiency and cool the materials evenly.
4. this drum cooler machine has convenient maintenance, compact structure, reliable quality and great adaptability.
5. The bracket is welded by medium carbon steel plate and channel steel. The riding wheel fixed on the bracket adopt high quality anti-corrosive and wear resistant material, greatly prolonging the service life of the drum cooler machine.
6. The gear frame is welded by high quality channel steel. The main motor and speed reducer installed on the gear frame adopt ISO National Free-inspection Product, having reliable quality.
7. The gear fixed on the machine body adopts high-tech wear-resistant material, which prolongs the service life of the rotary cooling machine.
8. The rolling belts are fixed on both sides of the machine, supporting the whole rotary drum cooler machine body.
9. The rotary drum cooler machine body is welded by high quality medium carbon steel plate. The lifting plates in the drum cooling machine body adopts high quality wear-resistant material.

rotary cooler machine

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