fertilizer mixer machine mixing organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer

Main Power:7.5 KW three phases

final product size:power
power type:electricity
Capacity:3000-5000 kg/h
used for: mixing compound fertilizer,organic fertilizer,NPK,DAP,Urea

Product Details of fertilizer mixer machine

this type fertilizer mixer machine is horizontal fertilizer mixing machine,which is a high accuracy mixing equipment, this fertilizer mixer machine has high mixing uniformity, less material residual. This kind of fertilizer mixing machine is suitable for mixing compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer. horizontal fertilizer mixing machine has two types one is single shaft mixer, the other is double shaft mixer. the horizontal fertilizer mixing machine is the important equipment in organic fertilizer production line and compound fertilizer production line. the fertilizer horizontal mixer machine is widely used for mixing the raw materials in both organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer production, especially double-shaft horizontal mixer, with its larger capacity, is deeply loved by our clients. Double shaft horizontal mixer machine is mainly used to humidify and mix powdery materials in the fertilizer industry. The fertilizer mixing machine uses two relative rotative shafts with spiral blades mounted to mix the materials. As the spiral blades have multiple angles, raw materials can be mixed quickly and effectively, regardless of their shape, size and density.

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Structure Of Fertilizer Mixing Machine

  1. Rack part: All working bodies of the fertilizer mixer machine fixed on the frame. Otherwise, the frame of the machine welded with excellent carbon steel plate and channel steel. On the other hand, it has passed strict product certification and specific process requirements. So that reach the purpose used of this machine.
  2. Transmission connection part: The motor drives the pulley, the V-belt and the reducer drive the spindle to rotate. Otherwise, the nylon shaft pin (or sprocket) used for the transmission connector and the transmission drive. Otherwise, easy to assemble and repair.
  3. Mixing and stirring the working part: The transmission wheel transmitted to the main shaft through the shaft pin coupling (or sprocket). The special spiral stirring blade welded on the main shaft rotates synchronously, and then the material evenly turned in the stirring chamber. So that the materials can fully mix, thereby reducing the residual amount of the material. After a period of mixing, then, the material flows out from a special discharge port below the body.

organic fertilizer mixer machine

Features of  Fertilizer Mixer Machine

1. New rotor design. Minimum clearance between rotor and the mixer body can be adjusted approaching zero, which reduces residual value of raw materials. Materials are mixed evenly in the blender, with the improving of mixing uniformity.
2. Materials with larger size can also be crushed during mixing.
3. More reasonable body design, excellent in shape, and easy-operation and maintenance.
4. Fast mixing speed, good mixing uniformity, fast discharging speed, low material residual.
5. the fertilizer mixing machine adopt good wear-resisting performance, long service life.
6. Adopting the novel rotor structure, the minimum clearance between the rotor and shell can be adjusted to nearly zero, which efficiently decreases the residue of materials.
7. This fertilizer mixer machine is equipped with the pipeline which can add the grease into it. The overall structure of the machine is more reasonable, easy to install and attractive in appearance.
8. It utilizes stainless steel spiral blade with hard steel tool bit, which is durable and good wear resistance. Thus it can prolong the service life of machine.
9. With features of high mixing efficiency, materials can be fully mixed, thus improving the mixing uniformity.

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