fertilizer crusher machine crushing compound/organic fertilizer,NPK,nurea

Main Power:22 KW three phases

final product size:3-8 mm
power type:electricity
Capacity:1000-2000 kg/h
used for: crushing compound fertilizer,organic fertilizer,NPK,DAP,Urea

Product Details of fertilizer crusher machine

this type fertilizer crusher machine is hammer mill crusher machine which is often used in organic fertilizer production line for turning composted organic fertilizer into powders. this fertilizer crusher machine can crush semi-wet materials with 50% moisture.Half-wet material fertilizer crushing machine is an advanced crushing technology at home and abroad, which has been researched, improved and manufactured by many years of production experience, This fertilizer crushing machine completely solve the crushing problem of organic matter with high water content, which is a national initiative and has declared the national patent.

The successful development of the half-wet material crusher has played an important role in shortening the production process of bio organic fertilizer and compost, it also can reduce the investment of equipment and save the operation cost.We employ high quality materials and advanced technology on the machines, guaranteeing the convenient operating and long service time. Furthermore, there are various types of fertilisers pulverizers for your reference. Whether you want a high output machine or a facility with small production rate, our crushing machines can satisfy you. What’s more, it is important in whether fertilizer powder production line or granules fertilizer production line.

This type of fertilizer crushing equipment is often used for bio-organic compost crushing, municipal solid waste crushing, agricultural wastes crushing, industrial organic wastes and so on. Especially, it has good effects on pulverizing chicken manure, sodium humate and so on. It is popular in organic manure processing line. Its production capacity is between 1-8 ton per hour. You can choose a suitable specification according to your production requirements.

Structure of this fertilizer crusher machine

1. Rack part: All mechanical operations are inseparable from a solid rack. The machine frame is all welded by high carbon steel plate and channel steel, and through strict product certification and specific technical requirements, to achieve the purpose of the machine.

2. Rotor crushing part: Rotor of the fertilizer crushing machine is with innovative structure and reasonable design. We adopts the upper and lower sets of rotor blade as the broken part, so the crushing effect is twice bigger than the other products. Materials enter into the crushing chamber through the inlet, then continuous grind by the double blade and the broken plate, so that the materials to achieve granulation requirements.

3. Crushing plate adjustment device: By adjusting the distance between the broken plate and the rotor blade, the fineness and output requirement of the crushing material can be determined.

4. Transmission connection part: The machine uses a flexible belt to drive. It is driven by the motor to pulley, belt, then directly transmit to the spindle, rotating the spindle at a high-speed, finally achieve crushing effect.

Features of fertilizer crushing machine

1.Superior Stability. Reasonable physical structure and high grade material greatly improve all the crusher parts’ stability, which keep the machine work continuously.
2.Ideal crushing effect. It adopts two-layer crushing system with different emphases, realizing the fine crush.
3.Good operating experience. With advanced techniques, one person is enough to operate machine and can oil the machine anytime without stopping work.
4.Long service life and easy to maintain. This fertilizer crusher machine is equipped with high-alloy hard-wearing hammers and adopts bidirectional clearance adjusting design. It means that when the hammer slices are worn out, we can continue to use them by moving their position without any repair.

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