Oil seed roaster machine

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    • Sea Port:Tianjin,Qingdao,Shanghai
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    brief details of Oil seed roaster machine

    • Power:0.75~3 kw
    • Capacity:200 kg/h
    • Model:PZ series
    • Voltage:220v~450v
    • Origin Place:China
    • Driven Power:Electric,coal,gas
    • Guarantee:12 month
      Application:Oil seed roasting

    description of Oil seed roaster machine

    Oil seed roaster machine is the procedure of oil press.Most oil seed need to be roasted to press more thoroughly and get high oil yield.the peanut roaster machine can fry peanuts, sunflower,
    soybeans,rapeseed,cashew,coffee and other seed.Normally the temperature is controlled in 160-230°C,but when you fried different crops ,the temperature should adjusted according to the needs.the peanut roaster machine utilizes drum horizontal structure, uniform heating for roasting material, automatic rotation, automatic stir, roasting and discharging. When working, drum will rotate continuously, roasting material from all different direction, will no phenomenon of stick pan. When the frying is finished ,just rollback the machine ,and all materials will be pour out.

    oil-seed-roaster-machine peanut-roaster-machine

    Features of peanut roaster machine

    1.This peanut roaster machine can be used for frying different seed,such as oil seed,nuts ,grain etc.

    2.It’s easy to operate by one people which can save manpower.

    3.Uniform heating roller and thermal insulation function, high thermal efficiency.

    4.Drum is constantly rotated. Back and forth, up and down, all heating well from different direction. Roasting effect of nuts is good.and the fried nuts with good colors and taste.

    5.Roasting speed is fast, it just need 15-20 minutes for one batch.

    6.The heating power can be choosed according to your need,such as electric, gas, coal heating.

    This peanut roaster machine fried materials


    Specification of peanut roaster machine










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