waste metal crusher

    metal crusher with separator

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    brief details of metal crusher with separator

    • Pellet Size:5-20mm
    • Power:30-110kw
    • Capacity:500-6000kg/h
    • Model:JSF metal crusher
    • Voltage:380-450v
    • Origin Place:China Supplier
    • Size(mm):2600X2200X2100
    • Weight:2tons
    • Driven Power:electric motor
    • Moisture:no requirement
    • Guarantee:2 years
    • Pellet Length:ball granules
      Application:beer can,waste metal,etc
      Package:in whole container
      Materials:beer can,waste metal,paint bucket,etc

    description of metal crusher with separator

    Hammer scrap metal crusher machine is a kind of advanced crushing equipment with working principle of striking,cutting,grinding theories.the scrap metal crushing machine is usually used in small,medium,large scrap yards and steel industry for recycling scrap metals,the scrap metal crusher machine can crush the scraps into small ball granules to reduce the transporting cost,stock cost,and melting energy.

    metal crusher machine

    What scraps it can crush?

    The scrap metal crusher can recycle tin can,metal bottle,beer can,coca cola can,thin sheet metal,oil bucket,paint bucket,aluminum materials.these metal and aluminum scraps can be crushed into small granules(particles) to reduce transporting cost and melting energy and increase the melting speed.this metal scrap crushing machine has a device that can separate aluminum and metal with dust collector which can protect the environment.

    The features of scrap crusher

    1.the crushing is complete and effective with high output
    2.The scrap metal crusher has low energy without polution
    3.The metal crushing machine has aluminum separation device
    4.It has cyclone which is used to collect dust
    5.The metal crusher machine has two conveyors

    raw scraps and final product

    tin can crusher  metal scrap crushing equpment

    parameter of scrap metal crusher

    modelMain power(kw)Capacity(kg/h)Area(M2)
    Including air flower,connecting pipes,cyclone duster,conveyors,iron and aluminum separator


    metal crushing equpment


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