grass pellet mill

why do you make grass pellet feed?

first of all,let us talk about ingredient and effect of pellet feed
In order to produce various feed for livestock and poultry as well as improve the utilization rate of feed, to mix toppings (green hay, straw stalk) 55% 60%, concentrate (corn, sorghum, oats, wheat bran, etc.) from 35% to 40%, minerals and vitamins 3% and 1% of compound feed as the components, and compress them into pelleted feeds with granular feed pressure machine is advisable . At the same time, every hundred kilograms of raw materials add 17 kilograms of water and 100 ml with concentration of 37% formalin so as to improve its nutrient composition and digestibility. A eight-month old Lamb, according to the experiment, average gains 190 grams per day by feeding them 50 days with pellet feed and 1 kg more weight , 6.4 kg less feed. Applying pellet feed to breed fat lamb is a feasible way to promote the development of aquaculture either in pastoral areas or in agriculture.

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Benefits of Grass Pellets 

1. The growth and utilization of the fodder are greatly influenced by seasons. Forage turn wither and yellow with less nutrients in winter . Yet, forage grow vigorous with more nutrients so that livestock can’t eat them up in warm seasons. So, in order to make full use of grass in the warm season to make the effect to come true, the livestock and poultry can be fed in winter with the grass pellets conserved in process of mowing, drying, crushing.
2. High transform rate. Feeding the livestock and poultry with the grass feed pellets in winter, we can gain more meat, egg and milk with less forage.
3. Small volume. Grass pellet is only around 1/4 of the raw materials in volume in favorable for storage and transportation. In addition, less dust is beneficial to the health of human and animals.
4. To increase palatability and improve the quality of forage.
For instance, sweet clover possesses a flavor of coumarin which livestock more or less don’t like it. However, it becomes another forage with a a strong palatability and high nutritional value.
5. To spread the source of fodder
such as caragana, optimal quinoa, hedysarummaxim. Etc which have the thick branches turn to the favorable forage once processed into the grass pellets after crushing. Moreover, secondary product of other crops such as abortive shell, straw as well as all kinds of leaves also can be processed into grass pellets and feed livestock and poultry.

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