fertilizer mixing plant

    fertilizer mixer

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    brief details of fertilizer mixer

    • Pellet Size:powder materials
    • Power:5.5--15kw
    • Capacity:1--10 t/h
    • Model:HS mixer
    • Voltage:380--450 V
    • Origin Place:China Supplier
    • Size(mm):700×1500
    • Weight:300 kg
    • Driven Power:electric motor
    • Guarantee:1 year
      Application:mixing fertilizer,powder materials
      Package:in free fumigation wood box
      Materials:urea,dap,npk fertilizer

    description of fertilizer mixer

    this type fertilizer mixer machine is horizontal type which is our new-generation fertilizer mixing equipment. The material can be fully mixed. To improve the mixing uniformity,the horizontal fertilizer mixer machine is designed in double shaft model for large fertilizer mixing capacity and used new rotor structure, the rotor close to the minimum gap can be adjusted to zero, effectively reducing the material residues, the fertilizer mixing plant can mix powder materials in many fields such as pharmacy,food,animal manure,organic fertilizer,health care products,dyestuff,building materials,refractory material, etc.

    fertilizer mixer system fertilizer mixing plant

    the horizontal fertilizer mixing system is mainly used for blending raw materials like UREA, NPK,DAP for compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer materials like animal manure.the mixing is
    even and it can convey and discharge materials in a highly effective way.this fertilizer mixer equipment is widely used in the fertilizer plant,chemical industry and architecture industry.

    features of fertilizer mixer machine

    1.Multifunctional.it can be applied to many heavy industry fields such as chemicals,pharmacy,food,fertilizer,dyestuff,construction materials,resin glass,ect.
    2.the fertilizer mixer system has high mixing speed and uniformly mixing,low noise.
    3.Reduction gears is matched to make sure stable mixing.
    4.Carbon steel materials,durable and simple maintenance cost.
    5.the fertilizer mixer equpment has low energy consumption,simple operation.

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