feed pulverizer precautions

1.for the fist time using this feed grinder machine,you must read this muanual
2.the feed pulverizer machine can only be operated maintanance and repaired by people who is farmiliar with the safe operation and the feed pulverizer machine performance
3.the working site should be spacious and airy,with sufficient retreat space with reliable fire flighting equipment.
4.forbidden to wear fat or not dress up overalls,or barefoot to operate the machine,the operator with long hair,which should be tied,and put into hat before operating the feed pulverizer machine,forbidden drink,confusion,long hair,longuette,under 16 years lod or older than 60 years old and sick people to use the machine, to prevent the importer operation of physical disability caused by accident
5.when the user selects the power machine should has same techinical parameters as on the operation manual,before each use,should develop the habit of routline inspections in advance.such as the rotation is correct,the belt is too tight,or too loose,blots are tightened,the use of wires for damage,etc,the reliability of electrical grounding and must be installed leakage protectioin professionally.
6.when installing the feed pulverizer machine,you must double check the integrity of the various components and parts of the fastening,in particular tooth or hammer and other components of the high speed operation,fastening must be solid,before starting,you should have a detailed examination of each part,flexible,lock or rub,lubrication has oil,
7.the feed pulverizer machine is strictly prhibited restructure,any damage or personal injury causing by user,the factory has no responsibility.

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