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    pan granulator(for organic)

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    brief details of pan granulator(for organic)

    • Pellet Size:2.5-10mm
    • Power:3-15kw
    • Capacity:0.3-4t/h
    • Model:ZL pan granulator
    • Voltage:220-440V
    • Origin Place:China manufacturer
    • Size(mm):dia 1.8m
    • Weight:150kg
    • Driven Power:electric motor
    • Moisture:30-40%
    • Guarantee:2 years
    • Pellet Length:ball granules
      Application:bio fertilizer,organic fertilizer
      Package:in free fumigation wood box
      Materials:animal manure,straw,grass,etc

    description of pan granulator(for organic)

    Disc granulator machine is pan type organic fertilizer granulator for producing bio disc-granulator-designfertilizer,organic fertilizer directly into round ball granules.this type disc granulator machine is usually used in bio organic fertilizer plant to turn bio waste into fertilizer granules,the raw materials for this pan granulator can be animal manure like chicken manure,cow manure,pig manure,straw meal,grass meal and other organic matters,the raw materials moisture required must be at 30-40%.The disk organic fertilizer granulator machine has 3 discharging holes which is convenient for continuous production and reduce the labor intensity. Reduction gears and motor are driven by flexible belts, thus the pan granulator can work stably and reduce impact to improve service life.The bottom of disc organic fertilizer granulator adopts several radiation steel plates to strength its durability. Granulating gears are made from high-frequency quenching materials; with the lining of glass fiber reinforced plastics, the granulating disc is anti-corrosion and durable.if your raw materials moisture is very high,we recommend to use our new design fertilizer pellet mill

    pan granulator manufacturerdisc granulator design

    Working principle of disc granulator

    Adjust the disc granulator angle between 40 ° -55 ° degrees. Raw material powder in a fertilizer mixer is evenly moistened by atomized water , then delivering the raw materials into the organic fertilizer pan granulator.The materials powder are added directly into the disc organic fertilizer granulator machine, and the pan granulator will rotate in specific speed . Due to adhesion and plasticity of the material, the granules bond with each other and grow up gradually in the course of the campaign.

    bio-fertilizer-granules organic-fertilizer-granules

    specification of disc granulator

    ModelInner diam(mm)Side height(mm)Rotation speed( r/min )Motor power( kw )capacity
    Raw materialsAnimal manure,bentonite,grass,straw meal,etc
    Moisture required30-40%

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