dewatering srew press

    manure dewater machine

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    • In Stock:30 sets of dewatering screw press
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    brief details of manure dewater machine

    • Power:5.5--7.5kw
    • Capacity:4--20 M3
    • Model:FBTS dewatering
    • Voltage:380--450V
    • Origin Place:China Supplier
    • Size(mm):2700X600X1900
    • Weight:1 ton
    • Driven Power:electric motor
    • Moisture:40--80%
    • Guarantee:1 year
      Application:dewatering animal manure
      Package:in free fumigatioin wood box
      Materials:chicken,cow,sheep manure etc

    description of manure dewater machine

    we supply manure dewatering screw press to save your energy becuase traditional manure dryer machine only can dry manure water content with moisture content less than 60%. But for the fresh chicken manure, the moisture content can be up to 80%. Then we first need to use animal manure dewatering machine to dewater the water in advance, and after that we can use a animal manure dryer to dry the left moisture which will be easy and energy-saving.

    manure dewatering srew press dewatering srew press

    this manure dewater machine is the key equipment for making organic fertilizer using animal dung, like chicken manure,pig manure,sheep manure,cattle/cow manure,this manure dewatering screw press machine is widely used in high humidity separating from the water,such as residue,sludge,manure and other dehydration, the material can be removed much water, greatly reducing the rotary dryer burden, substantial increase in production, a significant reduction in energy consumption, high humidity drying is essential before treating like pelleting,fermentating,crushing and so on. after manure dewatering screw press machine separate liquid from poiuntry manure,they can be directly used for crop use, or can be granulated into fertilizer ball granules. In organic fertilizer production, dewatering is the first step,and then using compost machine fermentates the raw material to increase the organic matters.

    manure dewatering machine manure dewatering press

    Features of Manure Dewater Machine

    1.this manure dewatering screw press machine has a reasonable structure, small size, low speed, high efficiency,
    2.the dewatering screw press has low moisture materials, dehydration uniform, continuous operation,
    3.high degree of automation, energy saving, easy maintenance and so on.
    4 low power computations ,low invest, high efficiency
    5. it has compact structure
    6. main parts use stainless steel

    specification of dewatering screw




    Speed reducer

    Rotating speed



    Cow manurePig manureChicken manure
    Water pump3.01450Water distance 15-20m

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