corn sheller thresher maintenance

corn sheller thresher maintenance

1. you had better make sure regularly to check on all the fastening parts and belts to avoid any loose or damaged.
2. if the corn sheller thresher machine components has any damage, please change as soon as possible to make sure a good performance of the corn sheller thresher machine.
3. every 6 months the bearing system of the corn sheller thresher machine should be cleaned and greased.
4. Every day after using, please clean the machine by removing the dust and impurities. Then move the
machine indoor and cover it by plastic fabric(moisture-proof).
5. If the corn thresher machine will be stopped for a long time, please clean and grease the corn sheller machine and cover it for storage in a dry cool place.

corn sheller thresher machine corn sheller thresher machine

user guidance of corn sheller thresher

1. Fixing the corn sheller thresher machine frame on the plain ground and install on the frame the electric motor or diesel engine.
2. Check the belt pulley system. By adjusting the belt compressing wheel, you can make the belt not too
tight and not too loose.
3. Before exact processing works, please put the corn sheller thresher machine in empty running for 3~5 minutes to make sure the roller rotating in a correct direction, if not please remake the connection of the motor or engine line.
4. After the motor/engine starts, please put on the roller operating lever, you could feed in the Crops
when the roller rotating speed reaches the requirement.
5. In case you need a terminal of the corn sheller thresher machine during the processing, please stop feeding and put down the roller operating lever and wait till the threshing finished before actual stop of the machine.
6. A continuous, uniform and a proper quantity of feeding Crops will be helpful for the machine good
7. The corn sheller thresher machine operator could adjust the feeding quantity flexibly following the working condition of the machine.

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