corn seeder machine

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    brief details of corn seeder machine

    • Power:12--95 HP
    • Model:2BCYF corn seeder
    • Origin Place:China supplier
    • Size(mm):1400X350X110
    • Weight:114 kgs
    • Driven Power:4-wheel tractor
    • Guarantee:2 years
      Application:planting corn,soybean,peanut etc
      Package:in free fumigation wood box

    description of corn seeder machine

    The high precision corn seed seeder machine has simple structure and easy to operate,which can plant 2 row,3 row,4 row,5 row,6 row, This kind of corn seeder machine must be driven by the four-wheel tractors,and it also sows the crystalline granule fertilizer while seeding. the corn seeder machine can finish furrowing,fertilizing,seeding,covering earth,pressing etc.

    corn-seeder-machine 3-row-corn-seeding-machine

    this type of corn seeder machine can seed corn, soybean, peanut  with free ploughing,.the corn seeding machine is very suitable for flatland,hilly areas to plant maize,soybean,and so on.think this corn seeder machine is not suitable for you? check the hand type self propelled corn planter.

    Corn Seeder Machine Features

    1. the corn seeder machine is adopted ABS seeding device,which is strong, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Also, the corn seeder machine is equipped with wear-resistant nylon sleeve to prevent the rust of shaft and seed metering device.
    2. It applies streamline combined sharp opener, which will reduce the power consumption. Moreover, the ditching foot has employed unique cast steel. The narrow toes is made of alloy with high abrasion resistance.

    maize-seeer-machine maize-seeer-machine

    3. The bottom of the fertilizer adopts upside pyramid shape, facilitating to exhaust fertilizer.
    4. Add the lubricating oil to the gears, sprockets, chains and front axle parts before storage.
    Clear the soil and weeds of various parts on it and then preserve it properly
    5.you can chose from two types, one for single seed, the other for double seeds.

    soybeans corn_planting

    specification of corn seeder

    Model:2BCYF-22BCYF-32BCYF-4 2BCYF-52BCYF-6
    Seeding Rows23456
    Dimensions (mm)W13501550200023003200
    Interrow distancecminch45-9518-3740-6516-2635-6514-2635-5214-2135-6214-25
    Working capacityAcre/h0.50-0.80.60-1.00.70-1.201.20-1.501.60-1.80
    Fertilizer hopper capacitylitre14X214X314X414X514X6
    Seeds hopper capacitylitre9X29X39X49X59X6
    Fertilization ratekg/Acre0-450(adjustable)
    Type of seeding mechanismrotational bin type of seeding
    Opening share of fertilizeNylon big external grooved sheave
    Opening share of seedShovel type opening share
    Depth of seed30-50 under the ground surface (adjustable)
    LinkageThree-point rear suspension
    seeding speed>5km
    Suit cropMainly for sowing Corn, also soybean, cotton, peanut and sunflower.etc
    Distance between plantsmm/inch200、250、310、380 (adjustable)7.7 、 9.65 、 12 、 14.6

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