corn peeling machine

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    brief details of corn peeling machine

    • Power:2.2-3kw
    • Capacity:100-4000kg/h
    • Model:TP peeling machine
    • Voltage:220--450V
    • Origin Place:China Supplier
    • Size(mm):750*500*850
    • Weight:120kgs
    • Driven Power:electric or diesel
    • Moisture:dried corn/maize
    • Guarantee:1 year
      Application:peeling corn/maize skins
      Package:in free fumigation wood box
      Materials:dried corn/maize

    description of corn peeling machine

    Corn peeling machine develops towards high-performance. And we have high quality automatic corn peeling machine now. According to market demands and human requirements and advice, we also have technical transformation to the corn peeling machine, which laid a solid foundation for corn peeling
    maize peeling machine2machine further development.Corn peeling machine has steel structure and adopts assembly welding. It is the necessary equipment to improve bean processing industry and other grain and oil industry development. The capacity of the maize peeling machine can get 1~4 tons/h, the shucking pure rate is more than 98%,The corn peeling machine can be driven by electrical motor,diesel engine and tractor etc.after peeling the corn you can use corn sheller machine to remove the corn kernels from the corn cob,or using a multifunctional corn peeler thresher to process the maizes at one time.the maize peeling machine saves labor,saves money,low energy consumption,high production capacity,which is best choice for farmers

    Advantages of corn peeling machine:

    1. The machine adopts the four – axis structure of the large scale peeling machine, the reasonable feed entrance design,
    2. Using the advanced design of peeling off the net rate, less broken core.
    maize peeling machine3. Labor-saving: The corn peeling and threshing machine has filled the market gap in the agricultural market. It has released the farmers from the heavy manual labor, changed the traditional peeling way. Also, it has won the trust of people because of the time-saving and labor-saving.

    4. High efficiency: It adjusts according to the size of corn sticks automatically, fitting for all kinds of corn. The depth of threshing could be adjusted. Stripping rate of sweet corn can reach to 100%.



    video of corn peeling mahcine

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