biomass pellet mill

Biomass pellet mill is generally used to process biomass materials into pellets for fuel, heating,and cooking etc.biomass materials are very commonly to be found, like wheat straw,cotton stalk,wood branches,wood sawdust,leaves,sunflower,peanut shell,corn cobs,animal manure and other biomass agricultural waste.these raw materials are common and cheap to find, which determines that it is very good cost performance for making biomass many countries and governments encourage enterprises to use green biomass pellets as fuel to reduce harm to the environment.but because it is new green energy,the biomass pellets in the market is very expensive,if not used in a big company, for example, a person would like to use biomass pellets at home for heating in winter or cooking,it will be much cost to buy biomass pellets in the market,as biomass pellet machine manufacturer,we are focused on home use and small scale,and small company supplying small biomass pellet mill which is flat die type biomass pellet making machine

What advantages of flat die biomass pellet mill?

1.flat die pellet mill has small size and light weight,
2.the biomass pellet machine can be movable easily,and you use it anywhere
3.This type machine has small scale production,suitable for home use
4.Except small scale,the cost for such biomass pellet mill is very low
5.This type biomass pellet mill easy operation and maintenance


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