about victor granulator

Victor Fertilizer Granulator is established in 2000 and has since been devoted to supplying top quality compound fertilizer granulator,organic fertilizer granulator,fertilizer production line,double roller granulator etc up to Certified European (CE) specifications.  Owning a professional team with specialized theoretical and practical background, we can offer full scale service to our customers by developing projects from blueprint , customized solution, machinery production to installation and commission of complete fertilizer production plant .

Why Choose Victor Fertilizer Granulator?

Quality Standards
Victor Fertilizer Granulator takes machine quality as the most important step. While our company has been devoted to shifting this sense and continuously gain trust of customers. Many of our clients give us two thumbs up when they do feedback to our service center. Our machine quality control starts from the procurement of raw material, then every step of manufacturing is strictly scrutinized by quality engineers. Every production process conforms to the international quality standards and procedures.

◆Material strength
◆Power consumption
◆Machine & parts durability
◆Working Reliability
◆Production capacity
◆Wear & tear ratio


▦  Service
☞  Provide reasonable suggestions about market, equipment choice, working process, raw materials formula, etc.
☞  Design process flow and perfect workshop layout.
☞  If needed, we’ll dispatch the experts from our company to install the equipments and help clients to start up, training the local operators.
☞  Formula for food will be also provided free of charge.